NABL Accredited Metallurgical Test Labarotory


Specialty testing Division is a newly launched division at Microlab. The division has the facilities to fulfill the needs for the customer in different discipline.

  • Chemical analysis ( Classical and Instrumental Methods)
  • Metals and Alloys ( Ferrous and Non-ferrous)
  • Trace Metals analysis
  • Precious Metals Evaluation
  • Hazardous Substances Evaluation ( RoHS, WEEE)
  • As per Euro Directive EC/95/2002
  • Ores and Minerals Products
  • Fine Chemicals ( Industrial Inorganic Chemicals)
  • Water analysis
  • Water for construction
  • Water and Industrial Wastewater
  • Water for Feed / boiler
  • Packaged Drinking water
  • Natural Mineral water

Fertilizer and Micronutrients


Activated Carbon

The chemical analysis is performed as per the IS, ASTM, EPA, ISO Standard Methods.

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