NABL Accredited Metallurgical Test Labarotory


As a part of modernization and new requirements to suit the need of industry, Microlab has installed SEM/EDX facilities.

This facility got operated as “SEM EDX LAB”.

We at SEM EDX LAB believe, that, here is an opportunity to part take in the development activities of manufacturing companies and students projects and do our part both for a business and social cause. We can also do “FAILURE ANALYSIS” in depth.

We have the facility of A very advanced version of Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) with Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS), both with advanced Operating systems and powerful software measurements and Data Analysis.

The range of magnification of our SEM is 30x to 300000x Magnification with SE (Secondary Electron) & BSE (Back scattered Electron) imaging.

We can do all the fractography studies and all the field failures can be analyzed in depth and in detail. Also all sorts of measurements in micron level can be made.

EDS can be used to study the elemental compositions. Also the EDS can be used to analyze;

  • EDS Analyze
  • Elemental composition at a point. Object Analysis (Any filed of interest).
  • Multi point Elemental Analysis.
  • Quantitative Line scan Elemental Analysis.
  • Quantitative Mapping.
  • Phase Analysis - which can identify the phases automatically with individual phase elemental composition & color scan.

Our main working procedure is to have a long term business relationship which will undoubtedly bring in fruitful results.

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